Side Effects Caused By Diet Pills, Are you safe?

Desperate to lose those extra pounds of body weight and attain that chiseled or skinny physique which would give you that much needed confidence boost? Looking to get into shape before summer hits and flaunt your perfect physique?

Well, if you are, then you should forget about going to the gym or following a strict diet. In fact, ALL you need to do is to pay a visit to the closest health or slimming store and get yourself a bottle or plenty of bottles of the latest so called ‘miracle’ diet pills! Sounds familiar, right?

Are Diet Pills the Answer?
These days, with fitness becoming increasingly important, most of us are willing to do just about anything to lose just a few pounds of body weight. When you watch an advert on the TV set claiming how diet pills can help you lose weight in double quick time, you are naturally going to want to give these miracle pills a try. However, before you think about doing so, it is recommended that you analyze the situation you can get yourself into and then decide your next move.

Users are naturally expected not to ask too many questions. Most manufactures do not consider if the product in question is safe to use or whether the ingredients are going to be harmful in the long term. For the profit maximizing companies, pouncing on and taking advantage of your willingness to lose weight is all that matters and your health is least of their worries.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects?
To let you in on the negative consequences that can arise from the use of some of the diet pills available today, we have come up with this writing which goes about explaining the possible side effects of using dieting pills. As you will find out from reading this article, diet pills, whether natural or not, are not what they claim to be and possess the ability to seriously hamper your well being in the long term.

Here are some of the most common side effects caused by dieting pills

Insomnia, or lack of sleep, is a medical condition whereby the concerned person is unable to get a good night’s sleep. In other words, you simply cannot shut your eye after using the diet pill you opted for. Imagine lying on the bed every night trying to get some much needed rest without the ability to do so. Sounds bad, right?

UPDATE: Woman Sued Health Food Store For Selling Dangerous Diet Pills

While it is not exactly clear why diet pills cause insomnia, experts believe that it has something to do with the combination of ingredients used by companies. Whatever the cause is though, you definitely do not want to suffer from insomnia.

One of the most commonly associated side effects with the use of dieting pills is a headache and almost every dieting pill is reported to lead to some kind of headache sooner or later.

Dieting pills with guarani, another ingredient that is commonly used in a lot of weight loss supplements, can also cause headaches as a side effect. Again, while the reason for this is unclear, it is probably down to the ingredients used in dieting pills. Moreover, as dieting pills lead to rapid fat burn and suppressing the appetite, the resultant lack of energy may well be to blame.

Increased blood pressure
While headaches may well be the most commonly reported side effects, increased blood pressure is by far the most worrisome aspect of using dieting pills.

UPDATE: FDA Warns of Dangerous Side Effects Caused by Dieting Pills

With increased blood pressure, the chances of suffering from a stroke or some other potentially life threatening disease increases significantly. Also, with increased blood pressure, you are likely to get more aggressive and this can adversely affect your lifestyle.

While diet pills are good at enhancing the rate of fat burn, most of them do not work on increasing energy levels. When you burn fat rapidly, you are likely to lose a lot of energy as well since your body is simply not used to burning fat rapidly. However, as it is often the case, diet pills do not emphasize on increasing energy which can lead you to feel terribly weak from the inside!

How Diet Pills Work

In recent years, the use of weight loss supplements such as diet pills has increased by a huge margin. Whereas in the past dieters more or less resorted to natural ways for weight loss such as dieting and exercising, nowadays the approach has shifted significantly with most people largely dependent on diet pills. In addition, when you look at the benefits diet pills bring, it is easy to see why.

When you can burn fat and lose weight quickly without having to put in a lot of effort, why would you go for the conventional means for weight loss? Unsurprisingly, it is perhaps no coincidence that diet pills have turned into a multi-million dollar industry in the United States. However, while the popularity of dieting pills cannot be doubted, the same cannot be said for the effects they can have on one’s health. For this reason, it is important for dieters to be fully aware of how diet pills work before deciding to use them.

Interested in knowing how diet pills work? Continue reading to find out exactly what goes on in your body when you take in that so called ‘miracle pill’.

Enhancing Fat Burn
While most weight loss supplements and diet pills differ in the way they work, there are some functions that are almost universal and one of such functions is faster fat burn. An enhanced rate of fat burn is the key to weight loss and allows dieters to lose weight more quickly by burning stored fat more efficiently.

Increasing Metabolism Rate
Ask overweight people and they will admit that the biggest barrier in their quest to lose weight is a slow metabolism rate. With a slow metabolism rate, the body does not burn off fat as quickly as it should, resulting in weight gain. As a result, you tend to put on weight even when you do not eat a lot.

Fortunately, a lot of diet pills these days have the ability to increase the body’s natural metabolism rate and eliminate one of the biggest barriers to weight loss. With a faster metabolism rate, not only does the rate of fat burn increase, but the calories you consume are also put to use faster.

Appetite Suppression
Another function that is commonly played by a lot of diet pills, appetite suppression is integral for weight loss and some weight loss supplements are even known as appetite suppressants.

Similar to a slow metabolism rate, a huge appetite can result in weight gain and is a common characteristic in most overweight people. Not only does a huge appetite entail the consumption of more calories, but it also increases the tendency to indulge in binge eating. However, by suppressing the appetite, diet pills are able to help users lose weight by decreasing the amount of calories consumed significantly.

Providing the Body with More Energy
One of the most neglected aspects of weight loss is the need for high levels of energy. While dieters concentrate on managing their diet and incorporating plenty of exercise into their daily routine, they do not emphasize on the need to ensure that fatigue does not creep in. The reason maintaining high levels of energy is considered so crucial to weight loss is that without being energized, dieters cannot sustain their efforts over a prolonged period of time.

So, there we have it, an overview on how diet pills work. However, remember that the functions listed above are not a definite guide on how diet pills work, but are there to provide individuals with a basic idea of how they work.

Dangerous Diet Pills

Eating disorders have had a negative impact on an immense part of the society. In fact, researchers are still unsure about the number of people affected by this disorder. While issues such as overweight and obesity, both brought about by excessive eating, spend a great time in the limelight, eating disorders are often overlooked.

Even though eating disorders are not that significant, many people choose to take care of their issues by the use of diet pills. As disturbing as it is, rather than trying to curb hunger by their own will power, a lot of people rely on external support in the form of diet pills. Although there isn’t anything wrong in relying on diet pills and supplements to get a control over excessive eating habits, one cannot blindly rely on the claims which the manufacturers of these diet pills make. Even though diet pill manufacturers would have us believe that their products are made by using the highest quality ingredients, this is rarely the case.

Diet Pills Unregulated in the UK/US!
Diet pills are unregulated in the United States as they are not classified as a drug. So, unless there is a high quality issue with thousands of complaints about a particular product, the authorities never really take action. The problem has been made worse by the internet revolution and the subsequent barrage of online advertisements regarding almost all kinds of different products. Hence, since diet pills are highly advertised, majority of them making the rounds on the internet are unproven, untrustworthy, and even highly dangerous for the health.

On the other hand, diet pills that do work and bring forth no apparent side effects are not to be consumed for a long period of time. At the most, a dosage lasting for 8-10 weeks is ideal, which just goes on to show that these pills are made to deliver short term results. Without actually eating healthy and performing exercise, the pounds shed with the help of a diet pill are bound to come back. Although we could go on about the myriad of dangerous issues that have come to be associated with diet pills, we aim to let the adverse effects of diet pills do the talking for now. The harmful effects of diet pills can be categorized into 2 broad groups – Psychological and Physiological Side Effects.

Psychological Effects of Diet Pills
While physical effects of diet pills and supplements are often highlighted, it is important to know that the psychological side effects are the more serious ones as they often cause the psychical side effects.

It all starts off with the obscene and truly ridiculous promises that manufacturers have people believe. ‘Lose 20 lbs in 4 weeks’ or ‘completely change the way you look’ are some common messages provided by diet pill makers. The sad truth is that no diet pill alone can help you shed 20 lbs in just 4 weeks barring a few quality products which are made of completely natural herbs and barely receive the spotlight.

While the false promises made by manufacturers are awful, the side effects a person has to experience after using these products is a menace. After failing to obtain successful results by diet pills, people often try to conjure something out of nothing. There is a feeling that failure should never really come into play and therefore the same diet pill is tried time and time again.

In addition, a diet pill that never worked in the first place will have little or no chance of working later on so all the hope is just futile. Furthermore, a lot of money, time, and energy are put to waste by individuals too which increases stress. After a while, when reality sets in and things become clear, it is obvious to the user that all that time and energy had been wasted and there is no running away from the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness then. Moreover, after making use of diet pills, 10 of the major psychological effects which a person experience are:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Relationship breakup
  • Loss of job
  • Low productivity
  • Memory Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Sleeplessness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Physiological Side Effects of Diet Pills
Physical effects caused by diet pills have been highlighted a lot in health journals and magazines. The addiction with diet pills can lead to many physical side effects. Since even the best and most high quality diet pills are recommended to be used for a short period of time, continuing with diet pills is bound to take a toll on the body. In addition, there are two kinds of physical side effects that diet pills can lead to: minor and serious side effects.

Minor Physiological Side Effects
The minor side effects are common but irritating nonetheless. They include:

  1. Dry mouth
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Irritability
  4. Cramps
  5. Gas Problems

Serious Physiological Side Effects
The serious side effects are obviously quite dangerous and need to be highlighted the most. The top 10 serious side effects include:

  1. Tightness in The Chest
  2. Irregular Heartbeat
  3. Confusion
  4. Heart Attacks and Strokes
  5. Death
  6. Disturbance in Sex Drive
  7. Disturbance in Menstrual Cycle
  8. Stomach Pain
  9. Liver/Kidney Damage
  10. Uncontrollable Weight

Moreover, some people are often led to believe that herbal diet pills are the way to go. However, there is a strong lack of knowledge here. ‘Herbal’ diet pills, no matter what their manufacturers would have us think, are not entirely safe to consume. Therefore, there is no guarantee whether an herbal diet pill can make an individual experience the above mentioned side effects or not. Furthermore, herbal diet pills are regulated in a different manner compared to normal diet pills, so diets pills are not entirely safe even with the FDA’s approval.

The Solution
The most obvious solution is for the FDA to enhance its regulatory work. However, it is important to note that there are literally tens of thousands of weight loss products on the market today. Hence, even if the FDA tried its best to keep a track of all of the available diet pills, there would still be a few hundred products that would go unnoticed. Moreover, intense scrutiny of each and every product requires a lot of time, so the FDA along with the Federal Trade Commission can only handle a few dozen cases every year.

In essence, we have come to the conclusion that even the best and most high quality diet pills should only be consumed for a limited period of time. To stay away from all possible side effects, people need to adopt natural methods for weight loss such as healthy diets and regular exercise. The weight conscious can also opt for diet pills that have a large fan following, have received the approval by the FDA, and attained positive reviews from customers.

5:2 Fast Formula

In a time where fancy diet plans dominate any talk about weight loss, chances are that we all have heard about the “5:2 diet plan”, haven’t we? Since its inception, this diet plan has been getting all the attention from nutrition experts and dieters alike for its seemingly miraculous ability to help you lose weight in a short period of time. Unsurprisingly, with all the hype that it has received, I too decided to give it a try in order to bring my weight loss problems under control. However, while the 5:2 diet plan worked for me initially, recently I started to face difficulties in sustaining results, particularly during the fasting days.

Moreover, as I am not really used to killing my appetite, following the 5:2 diet started to become quite a challenge for me. Since then, I had been scouring the internet for any advice I could get as to how to overcome the challenges I was faced with until I heard about the 5:2 fast formula weight loss supplement from a close aide of mine.

What is the 5:2 Fast Formula?
The first supplement to have been designed for the 5:2 diet, the 5:2 fast formula is a multifunctional weight loss supplement that has the sole purpose of assisting people who are following the 5:2 diet plan. Consisting of entirely natural ingredients, it is primarily based on the extracts of Konjac, an ingredient that helps slow down the absorption of sugar and cholesterol from the digestive tract.

As I have mentioned above, the 5:2 fast formula is a multifunctional supplement that works to ensure weight loss through multiple processes, which are:

  • Appetite management
  • Fat burn

Moreover, the product also works to accelerate the weight loss process by increasing the energy levels in the body and this was particularly important to me in choosing the 5:2 fast formula as the intensity of the 5:2 diet frequently caused fatigue.

Performance of 5:2 Fast Formula
To erase any doubts in your mind and make this review as informative as possible, I feel it is important to let you know that the 5:2 fast formula was the first weight loss supplement I had ever used. Although I have always wanted to lose weight (who doesn’t), the fact that the use of weight loss supplements can lead to several ungainly side effects made me keep my distance. Naturally, my expectations from the product were minimal.

Labeled as the ultimate supplement for the 5:2 diet, 5:2 fast formula is supposed to make the 5:2 diet plan a whole lot easier to follow simply by not letting you feel hungry on fasting days. By taking several servings a day (varying from 2 to 3), I discovered that I was remarkably able to manage my hunger pangs and excessive cravings for food. The claims of providing you with extra energy levels and burning more fat turned out to be true too as taking the supplement made me feel pretty energetic overall.

Personal Opinion
The 5:2 Fast Formula came with a 60 day money back guarantee and contained the contact information of the manufacturer. I personally wrote to the manufacturer of the supplement to thank him for the marvelous supplement and for the results it helped me achieve.

Hence, upon writing this review, I feel the 5:2 Fast Formula was completely worth the money I had spent as it really helped me follow the 5:2 diet plan with ease. Although it might not be best suited for complementing other weight loss diet plans, I personally believe it’s one of those few weight loss supplements which guarantee results.

Quantrim – Appetite suppressant

These days, with every single weight loss product touted as the next big revolutionary thing, making the final purchase decision can be really hard. Moreover, the promotion efforts carried out by some of the manufacturers is simply amazing and really forces people to believe in what they have to say. However, while all modern weight loss products promote more or less the same thing, it is not every day that you find a product that boasts about its traditional formula and its use of entirely herbal ingredients. Hence, when the opportunity arose, I wasted no time in getting my hands on Quantrim and after having used it for a month, here is what I have to say.

Overview about Quantrim
Before we jump onto the core area of this review, I did a bit of research as I felt it was important to let you know about everything about this supplement. Based on a 125 year old formula, Quantrim is an herbal supplement that has been created to assist people who face difficulty in shedding weight. The supplement is primarily based on 2 ingredients; bladderwrack and cleavers. While the use of the former helps increase the metabolism rate, the latter is used as an anti-oxidant.

Unlike other weight loss supplements that only focus on weight loss and not the area of the body from which it is achieved, Quantrim’s highly researched formula serves to make it target particular areas such as the chest, arms, stomach, and hips. Moreover, as it consists of entirely natural ingredients, there are no major side effects associated with its use. Hence, instead of just focusing on weight loss, Quantrim works to improve the user’s overall lifestyle as well.

Does Quantrim Work?
One thing I have learnt after reading and hearing so much about weight loss products and supplements is that one should never give in to the hype. A product that has a fancy website and has made great promotional efforts may not be much more than a scam whereas a product with little or no promotion may be the hidden gem everyone is looking for. Therefore, even though I was impressed by the herbal approach taken up by the manufacturers of Quantrim, I was in no mood to let it affect my judgment in any manner.

Initially, I used to take one capsule of Quantrim daily before breakfast. However, as it did not seem to make much of a difference (my weight remained the same), I decided to increase the intake to 2 capsules daily with the additional capsule taken right before bedtime. In about 25 days after having increased the dosage, I lost approximately 8 pounds and went down to 181lbs, from 189. However, to my great disappointment, my body fat percentage remained nearly the same. To give credit where its due tough, using Quantrim resulted in no side effects and allowed me to feel more refreshed.

Availability of Quantrim
With the manufacturers of Quantrim based in the UK, the availability is always going to be a problem. The supplement is only available online through the official website as of yet. As far as the price is concerned, the 1 month supply pack of Quantrim containing 100 capsules currently costs 34.95 pounds.

Is Quantrim Worth Trying?
To the supporters of herbal medicine all around the world like me, Quantrim was supposed to be the answer to all weight loss problems. However, after using the product for myself, in all honesty i was left a bit disappointed. While it does deliver weight loss, the results are not impressive compared to some other weight loss supplements. At 34.95 pounds for the one month supply pack, there are better options which weight loss seekers can make use of.

Meratol Reviews

But does Meratol work as good as other well known brands?

Meratol is a promising diet pill explained in this review, it has some unique ingredients that seem to work very well together at fighting fat and helping dieters lose weight quickly and efficiently.

Good points of Meratol

  1. No Side effects due to its all round natural ingredients
  2. Boosts your bodies energy levels naturally once digested
  3. It has been clinically proven to work, which is a must have to be featured on the dietinator.

How does it work for weight loss?
Meratol is listed as a metabolism boosting diet pill which works by increasing the amount of energy you burn when exercising and doing your day to day routine. Your metabolism governs the amount of fat your body expels/burns when you are active, exercising and relaxing.

We would highly recommend a fitness plan to run with you taking these diet pills! This will ensure you get the maximum amount of weight loss when taking Meratol diet pills.

Ingredients in Meratol
Meratol is created with three natural ingredients which have all been clinically proven to fight fat in diffrent ways and they are:

  1. Cacti-Nea targets water retention and reduces cellulite arounf the legs and thighs
  2. ID-Alg is sea weed that stops your body from absorbing proteins and fats from foods and drinks.
  3. Capsicum is a concentrated chilly pepper extract, proven to burn fat by heating your bodies core temp which in turn burns fat stored much faster.

Side effects of using Meratol
We have received no reports of any side effects from our readers, so we can safely say there is a very low chance of getting any yourself when using this diet pill correctly.

How to use meratol?
You should take two tablets a day, most people take them before your first meal of the day but if you have a lot to eat throughout the day you can take a third in the evening.

Feedback received on 01/03/2014 by Linda P of Birmingham..

“I have had a great weight loss journey using Meratol since the end of September 2013 I have been able to lose a whopping 2.5 stone and still going, i have been using it for a few months now, with no side effects and having great bursts energy levels i feel better and look a lot lighter. I have been dieting and exercising. The most i lost in one week was a whooping 6lbs”

What do we think of Meratol?
We approve and agree with the manufacturers of this diet pill as an effective fat burner and metabolism boosting pill. Added with the natural ingredients, No side effects and being very very effective. Meratol is one of our better diet pills..

How To Find The Right Diet Pill For You

With the entire country fighting obesity today it has opened or should we say expanded the market for a plethora of drugs, protein drinks, and natural herbs to combat this trend.

The question is how do you pick the perfect diet pill?  With the intense pressure to look more like a Hollywood movie star than a Sumo wrestler it is up to each one of us to determine which one will work for us.  But in most cases, fair warning, any pill by itself will not do the job without some sort of light exercise to help attack those fat cells.

You can purchase both prescription and natural weight loss pills on and off line but there are a couple of things to look for before spending your hard earned money.

  • Does the pill have any side effects? – Many of the drugs you see advertised have some side effects like increased heart rate as an example. Be sure to read for side effects then decide the risk.
  • Is the diet pill natural or does it require a prescription? – Prescription ills often contain amphetamines often referred to as speed to increase your metabolism. Herbal pills on the other hand are becoming more popular due to their herbal blends and natural ingredients that have no side effects.
  • Is there an exercise program suggested with the pill you choose? – Some pills not only suggest their product but include an exercise and diet program to accompany using the pill.

Whatever you decide avoid the hype and be sure to do your own research.  After all it is your body and your health at risk.